Networking Implementation

How strong is the backbone of your business?

Network infrastructure begins with your servers and operating systems and includes all the core technology you use to run your business. When all these elements are working together, your business flourishes. But outdated or inefficient infrastructure can create a drag on productivity that stifles business growth.

Agape Computing can build a flexible, future-focused foundation for your business with:

  • Full system and network analysis: creating a roadmap to enhanced productivity
  • Wireless LAN: agile connectivity that includes network and data security
  • Wide area networks (WAN): connecting remote users and branch offices
  • E-mail systems: design and deployment of advanced messaging systems

Whether you want to update your current infrastructure or undertake a new project, Agape Computing can deliver the innovative infrastructure solutions that will give your company sustained business advantage.

Microsoft Small Business Server

Advanced productivity and security

When you’re running a small business, juggling priorities is second nature. On one hand, optimizing every resource is critical to your profit margin. On the other hand, you need to protect your valuable business data. And you can always benefit from more efficient ways to do business. Luckily, there’s a single solution that can help with all three.

With Microsoft Small Business Server installed by Agape, you can:

  • Protect your business – with automatic data backup and storage
  • Do more with less – share files, faxes, printers, and internet connectivity
  • Work more flexibly – access information and resources remotely

If you have more than a few computers, Agape can create a network to help you keep your eye on the ball.

Is your infrastructure enhancing your business or holding it back?

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