Mission, Vision and Values


Serve small and medium businesses by assisting in their growth, productivity and objectives; fulfilling their needs for professional technology strategies, services, products and support. Thereby allowing them to focus on their business and not their technology.


Be recognized by those we work with and for, as an integral part of their team. Positively impact our local community through our attitude, involvement, integrity and performance.


  • Integrity – Our decisions and actions should be based upon and reflect the highest integrity.
  • Professional Conduct – Our conduct, communications and appearance will reflect a professional approach at all times.
  • Initiative – Individual initiative in personal and professional development.
  • Courtesy and Respect – Remember that people are more important than tasks. Listen first, second and third. Treat staff, clients, partners and vendors with courtesy and respect.
  • Thoroughness – Approach everything with an attitude and mindset that ensures that everything that can be done will be done completely.
  • Friendly Approach – Become friends in 15 minutes or less. Genuine interest in others’ needs and what they are trying to accomplish is a priority.
  • Timeliness – Understanding the value of each other’s time when communicating, responding or completing tasks and projects.
  • Humility – Recognizing when we do not have the answer and being determined to obtain it to help others and ourselves.
  • Value Ideas – Give others the opportunity to contribute equally without ridicule. Encourage thorough thought and analysis.
  • Accountability – Be willing to regularly receive and give accountability for your and others’ actions and performance from clients and staff. This is not a “Top-Down” process. Leadership means being able to receive feedback from others.